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Hi, I’m Leah and I teach parents Song Language to increase communication and connection with their autistic kids to reduce anxiety for everyone.

I’m a music educator who teaches sound healing, singing, and strings through online courses and lessons, creates jazzy folk music with viola and vocals, and writes children’s books with positive gender-diverse characters.

Our Favorite Products

Music Album Cover Brain Songs Volume 1 by Leah Irby with a purple background and icons of hand wave, namaste, hug, high five, hand washing, brushing teeth.

Brain Songs, Volume 1

(a collection of songs to help autistic kids with social and emotional learning and communication.)

  • Wave Hello
  • Toothbrush Train
  • Wash Your Hands

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Red carton ant hugging a blue turtle. Blue sky and trees are in the background and a rainbow across the bottom of the picture.

Gender Rainbow Series, Bk. 1

A transgender ant feels frustrated because her body looks red, but she dreams of being purple instead. A cisgender turtle wants to jump so high that she touches the sky.

A rhyming picture book, for ages 5-8.

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A parent and child in rainbow color, sharing a flower and singing to each other.

Song Language Academy

A step-by-step guide to connecting and communicating with your autistic children while reducing everyone’s anxiety and stress.

Coming soon. . .

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Would you like to reduce anxiety and increase communication and connection with your child?

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A turquoise and blue turtle in the center of the pin.
Leah Irby standing in grass overlooking the ocean, looking into the sea while holding her viola.
dragonfly with pink and light blue
Orange butterfly in the center with a purple hat.

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Kivra: 559148-3945

10631 Stockholm        Sweden

Leah Irby holding her viola, wearing a purple top, with trees in the background

If you need to reach me, please fill in the contact form below. I will do my best to reply within 2 days. I appreciate your patience. I mainly work M-F 8-13, Central European Time.