Music Lessons & Online Classes

Online classes for parents of autistic kids and for those who are pregnant or trying to conceive after experiencing pregnancy loss. (scroll down for violin, viola or cello lessons)

A parent and child in rainbow color, sharing a flower and singing to each other.

Song Language Academy

A step-by-step guide to connecting and communicating with your autistic children while reducing everyone’s anxiety and stress.

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A woman in the shadows with sun lighting up her face and a child holding out a flower to her held in a heart shape. They are in a meadow.

Connecting With Spirit Baby 

Join us on a journey through visualization, yoga, and song to connect and communicate with your spirit baby. For those who have experienced pregnancy or child loss and those struggling with infertility.

A pregnant woman has a rainbow at her back.

Natural Anxiety Relief

Did you know that music can be one of the most powerful ways of healing and processing our emotions?

This free course is for those who are pregnant after loss or experiencing infertility.

Just Getting Started?

If you or your child are just getting started with a string instrument, I have some resources for:

  • How to choose an instrument
  • How to get the right size
  • Where to buy
Leah in blue dress holding a viola back to back with Dan in black holding a viola with a white background
Leah Irby in a purple shirt and black skirt standing with a viola in her hands next to a tree overlooking the water.

Violin, Viola & Cello Lessons

Violin/Viola at all levels and Cello beginner to intermediate level.

I specialize in helping adult beginners get off to a great start playing, but children ages 7 and older are also welcome. Lessons in Herrang, Sweden, or through video exchange lessons. Hours available for in-person lessons are in the range of 8 am-1 pm M-F (Central European Time) during school times.


Price per half hour for lessons:

$44 USD  (outside Sweden)

425 SEK (in Sweden)

Leah Irby holding a cello with purple top and tourquoise skirt standing in the grass next to a lake.

“Leah Irby is both a gifted musician and an extraordinary teacher. As a beginner violist, she was my mentor in the basics of string musicianship, but also as a musician in general. Her guidance became invaluable as I developed my technique at the intermediate and advanced levels.

She is truly passionate about music, and she infectiously bestowed that passion upon me.

I am blessed to have had her as a friend and teacher from my beginner days in elementary school through my time at university and beyond. Whether you are just picking up the instrument, or you have been playing for years, I would recommend you wholeheartedly to Leah. She is devoted to her craft and would love to share it with you.”

David Boe

Violist, Orchestra and Lessons

“As an amateur musician, I can attest to Leah Irby’s talent as an artist and instructor, and to her evident passion for both music and for people.  Her musicianship bears the marks of her extensive study and experience: precision, versatility, emotion, and spontaneity.

With this artful blend of soul and solid technique, she is able to both impress and inspire students to become even better musicians.

She coached us on improvisation techniques, woke us up to a sense of ensemble, and introduced me to a lifelong friend in the intricate conversation of the string quartet.

My ear, skill, and love for music have become a reality of continual growth under her instruction:  she has, as much as my Spanish teachers, schooled me in another language, perhaps the most global of them all.”

Heather McColl Morgan

Violist, Orchestra and Lessons

“Leah Irby served as my first instructor and her outstanding teaching style left an impression on me that remains to this day.

As an adult student, Leah was both an example and an inspiration, able to fuse my prior experience in music with the intricacies of playing a new instrument.

Through her, my confidence as a musician was bolstered and I rapidly found myself playing more and more difficult parts. I felt encouraged and motivated to practice on my own, and I was often left with specific goals in mind to achieve between lessons. Her broad range of musical talent lends to a deeper understanding of the concept of music, both classical and modern. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, Leah is the kind of teacher who will help you find the success you’re aiming for.”

Cary Stark

Adult Beginner Cellist