Gender Rainbow Books

Can’t Transitions to Can a story with trans and nonbinary characters for kids ages 5+

Red carton ant hugging a blue turtle. Blue sky and trees are in the background and a rainbow across the bottom of the picture.

Can’t Transitions to Can:

With a Friend Who’s True Blue

A transgender ant, frustrated because her body looks red, dreams of being purple instead. A cisgender turtle wants to jump so high she touches the sky.

When they meet, the ant, torn between staying safe and revealing her true identity, introduces herself as Can’t the red ant. True Blue the turtle is full of enthusiasm and encouragement, but the ant remains skeptical.

Sharing lessons learned from the nonbinary grasshopper, will the turtle ever get the ant to jump? Will the ant find the courage to reveal her true self?

Can’t Transitions to Can: With a Friend Who’s True Blue, the first book in the Gender Rainbow series, is a two-part rhyming story filled with lessons in friendship and an “I CAN” attitude.

a dragonfly, purple ant, blue turtle, green and yellow snake, yellow grasshopper, orange butterfly and red beetle

The Gender Rainbow Animals

  • Dreamer (ze, she, he) the clear dragonfly: genderfluid and unifying leader
  • Can (she) the indigo ant: transgender female and intuitive
  • True Blue (she) the turtle: cisgender female and speaker of truth
  • Sparkle (she) the green snake: intersex female and song healer
  • Glad (they) the gold grasshopper: nonbinary and joyful mentor
  • Blaze (he) the orange butterfly: transgender male and creative artist
  • Brawn (he) the red beetle: cisgender male, disabled, and strong
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