Pronouns & Dance Roles

Tell the world who you are and what you do!

Pin Buttons & Necklaces. Many styles to choose from.

Pronoun Button & Necklace Categories

He – Pin Buttons and Necklaces


  • he, him, himself
  • he, they, themself
  • ze, she, he

She – Pin Buttons and Necklaces


  • she, her, herself
  • she, they, themself
  • ze, she, he

They/Ze/Xe – Pins and Necklaces

  • she/he, they, themself 

  • ze, she, he

  • they, them, themself/themselves

  • ze, hir, hirself/ zir, zirself

  • xe, xem, xyr, xemself

Want to explain which part you dance?

Lead, Follow, Switch

In the modern world of partner dance, you don’t need to be a certain gender to dance a certain role. Whether you dance lindy hop, argentine tango, waltz, blues, balboa, salsa, bachata, west coast swing, or some other partner dance – we’ve got you covered. Check out our pin button selection below.

Dance Role Pin Buttons

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They / Ze / Xe