shadows of children all with hands raised and a rainbow image across the top.
A prayer supporting LGBTQIA+ kids and teens

I am part of an online Community of Christ church group, that asked me to write a prayer to the LGBT+ child, from the Holy Spirit. I got such lovely feedback from our group, that I wanted to also share this on my blog.

If you don’t know me otherwise, I am a music educator, children’s book author, and musician. Through stories and songs, I strive to affirm transgender and nonbinary individuals who are struggling to find their place in the world. Because we all deserve love and acceptance. Here’s a reminder that – God really, truly, deeply cares for all of us.

A letter from the Holy Spirit to the child who is:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Intersex, Transgender, Non-Binary, 2 Spirit, Agender, Questioning+

By Leah Irby

My dear child,

I will always unconditionally love and accept you.

I made you complete and whole as you are in your unique self.

When you look in the mirror may you always see my love reflected in you.

May you surround yourself with people that allow you to be who you are called to be.

I will always unconditionally love and accept you.

May you trust in the truth that is your unique plan for who you are on this earth.

May you always hear my calm voice, gently guiding you.

Let my light always shine within you.

I will always unconditionally love and accept you.

May you take shelter from loud voices that insult you, or say you are unworthy.

Please let go of these shouts and let them bounce off you.

Because you are wearing my armor of truth and you carry my sword of love.

I will always unconditionally love and accept you.

Your hugs allow others to feel my gentle touch and warmth.

You model how to love without judgment.

Continue to lead others with that love.

Always and forever,

Holy Spirit

Please share this message with others you know that could use a little dose of positivity and love.