As a #parent of an #autistic child, I have 3 essentials I carry around when I’m in the house. My keys, my phone and my EMF transforming device. It doesn’t block the EMF it helps to transform them into energy that is better for you.


I know most people only carry keys when they leave the house, but my child will get enthusiastic about using different products at times, so we have a few locked cabinets. (My child loves to cook and sometimes uses the entire jar of spice at one time if super excited.) That requires a few keys. And I’ve on occasion been locked out of the house when going out to the garden, so I pretty much always have my keys.


I also tend to have my phone on me when it’s not being given a rest somewhere. I feel better about having my phone in a pocket when I am also carrying my

EMF-transforming Aires Tech

#AiresTech Life Tune Zone. I am an #ambassador for the brand because I was already using the products and have felt good results so I wanted to share with others.

I greatly advocate turning off WIFI at night and blocking out as much light in your room as possible to help with sleep. But, when you do have WIFI and cell phones and all the EMF exposure, it’s great to have something to help.

When my child was a toddler, I noticed an increase in biting and challenging behavior. And one day I simply disconnected the wifi and turned off my phone and I could see how much more calm my child was.

Leah Irby holding a viola wearing purple with a purple background to the text.

And then 2 years ago I had a concussion and I noticed that sitting in front of the computer or being around the cell phone for too long was giving me intense headaches and I was more dizzy. I was worried about how I was going to keep up with an online business. I was doing some online coaching with Laura Bruno at the time and she recommended Aires Tech to me. They use a technology that changes the energy into a form that is easier for our bodies to handle, so it isn’t disrupting the performance of your devices.

I have found this one to be helpful. I have also ordered a small one that goes on a key chain that I have in my child’s backpack that goes back and forth to school.

I have found that we are both calmer and more focused and have fewer headaches and such when using the Aires Tech.

Have you found that WIFI /#EMFexposure is a trigger for challenging behavior in your child?




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