My debut music album is titled Grace, So Amazing. It’s a play around on the words of the familiar hymn Amazing Grace. Some of which you can hear in that track’s music.

Leah Irby standing in grass overlooking the ocean, looking into the sea while holding her viola.

This music collection is for those who are struggling and wondering:

When will my dream of a child come true?

A child can symbolize many things in our lives. Change, the rebirth of ourselves, reinventing who we are. And in the midst of this, we often judge ourselves.

Is there something wrong with me? Who am I as a person if I don’t have a child? Who am I if I chose to have fewer children than I planned? Am I a failure? Am I a success?

And grace enters in and sweeps it all up, God says to you-

“I have chosen you for this time and place. I have called you by your name. Grace is extended to you. You are loved and whole, just as you are.”

Grace is the 2nd child I wished for but didn’t come into our family. Grace is also that amazing realization that we are forgiven and loved by God – always.

The tracks on this album, as a whole, make a saying together. I didn’t plan that out, it just came together that way as I listened to what order the songs should be played in.

I have called you by your name. I am love, longing for grace. We hasten to search for grace, so amazing.

You don’t have to be a parent to be a complete person. You don’t have to have a big family to live up to some expectations others have. You have the peace and grace before and behind you to simply be.

Grace is that longing for something just out of reach -For that job, house, child, or project you have been wishing for.

The songs recognize the deep longing that you have. And also recognize that other things have been birthed.

Maybe not what you planned, but something amazing. In the waiting, in the trials, we test out who we are.

We test out if we really want that dream or not. We test out what it would mean to go there.

And we check to see if that is really the best path to take for everyone. And in the middle of all of it. Grace is always waiting.

To remind you that God loves you and calls you forth. When we emerge from the dark our senses are tuned.

Our lives are changed. We wouldn’t choose this path, but while we are here, we will grow along the way.

So I invite you to forgive yourself for the roads you did not travel. Sometimes not getting what we wanted brings a different ending. It doesn’t take away the pain. But it does add to our lives in an unexpected way.

Grace has been given to you. What will you do with this?

The music was recorded in my home studio with violin, viola, cello, vocals, and a lot of divine inspiration. I also used the tuning of A=444 on my string instruments as it is supposed to be connected with a vibration of love.